Beaulieu II

Beaulieu II glass is a wonderfully versatile design tool with a broad color palette and infinite blend options. It can be graphic, from modern to art deco, or sleek, neutral and quietly understated. It can be about texture or color. It can be background or foreground in your design.

china blend porcelain blend slate blue blend
china blendporcelain blendslate blue blend

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lilac bright blue ice blue light blue
lilacbright blueice bluelight blue
sky blue lake blue ocean blue deep blue
sky bluelake blueocean bluedeep blue
ice violet bright green ice green meadow
ice violetbright greenice greenmeadow
ficus pale denim washed denim slate blue
ficuspale denimwashed denimslate blue
aquamarine emerald jade mint

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3/4" straight   

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Beaulieu II